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Edge Protectors For Shipping

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to protect your products during shipping and handling, look no further than our high quality, low price cardboard edge protectors.

Our cardboard edge protectors are made from durable and eco-friendly materials that can withstand impact, moisture and temperature changes. They are easy to apply and remove, and can fit any shape and size of product.

Whether you need to secure boxes, pallets, furniture, appliances or any other items, our cardboard edge protectors will provide the best protection for your goods.

Overall, packaging edge protectors offer a cost-effective and reliable solution to safeguard products, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition and providing peace of mind for businesses and customers alike.

Our Mission is to Help You Protect Your Shipments

Shipping edge protectors are an essential component in ensuring the safety and integrity of goods during transit and storage.

Our Products

Light-duty edge protectors (.120 Gauge)
Item NumberSizeLengthCase QtySkid QtyApprox. Weight [LBS] Price / PcsPrice / Skid
EPB 22.120-32" x 2"3"1200480001,800$0.05*$2,400
EPB 22.120-42" x 2"4"1200336001,700$0.07*$2,352
EPB 22.120-62" x 2"6"600240001,800$0.10*$2,400
EPB 22.120-242" x 2"24"66001,950$0.27$1,782
EPB 22.120-302" x 2"30"50001,850$0.33$1,650
EPB 22.120-362" x 2"36"50002,220$0.40$2,000
EPB 22.120-402" x 2"40"50002,450$0.44$2,200
EPB 22.120-482" x 2"48"33001,950$0.53$1,749
EPB 22.120-602" x 2"60"30002,250$0.66$1,980
EPB 22.120-722" x 2"72"30002,700$0.80$2,400

* – price valid with SKID LOT purchase.
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Medium-duty edge protectors (.160 Gauge)
Item NumberSizeLengthCase QtySkid QtyApprox. Weight [LBS]Price / PcsPrice / Skid
EPB 22.160-32" x 2"3"1,00040,0001,900$0.07*$2,800
EPB 22.160-42" x 2"4"1,00028,0001,800$0.09*$2,520
EPB 22.160-62" x 2"6"50020,0001,900$0.13*$2,600
EPB 22.160-242" x 2"24"5,0001,900$0.34$1,700
EPB 22.160-302" x 2"30"3,5001,670$0.42$1,470
EPB 22.160-362" x 2"36"3,5001,990$0.51$1,785
EPB 22.160-402" x 2"40"3,5002,200$0.57$1,995
EPB 22.160-482" x 2"48"2,5001,900$0.68$1,700
EPB 22.160-602" x 2"60"2,1002,040$0.85$1,785
EPB 22.160-722" x 2"72"2,1002,420$1.02$2,142
EPB 33.160-243" x 3"24"3,3601,950$0.50$1,680
EPB 33.160-363" x 3"36"2,5202,200$0.75$1,890
EPB 33.160-483" x 3"48"1,6801,950$1.00$1,680

* – price valid with SKID LOT purchase.
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Heavy-duty edge protectors (.225 Gauge)
Item NumberSizeLengthCase QtySkid QtyApprox. Weight [LBS]Price / PcsPrice / Skid
EPB 22.225-242" x 2"24"3,5201,780$0.45$1,584
EPB 22.225-302" x 2"30"3,0801,940$0.55$1,694
EPB 22.225-362" x 2"36"2,8002,150$0.68$1,904
EPB 22.225-402" x 2"40"2,8002,350$0.75$2,100
EPB 22.225-482" x 2"48"1,7601,780$0.90$1,584
EPB 22.225-602" x 2"60"2,1002,670$1.12$2,352
EPB 22.225-722" x 2"72"1,6802,570$1.35$2,268
EPB 33.225-243" x 3"24"2,2401,800$0.70$1,568
EPB 33.225-363" x 3"36"1,6802,000$1.05$1,764
EPB 33.225-483" x 3"48"1,1201,800$1.40$1,568

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Why Choose Our Products

By reinforcing the edges of packages, such as boxes or pallets, they enhance stability, preventing collapse or deformation that can result in costly damage. Box edge protectors also facilitate efficient stacking, enabling optimal use of storage space while minimizing the risk of product shifting or toppling.



Packaging edge protectors provide added cushioning and reinforcement, safeguarding your products against damage during transit or storage.



Edge protectors ensure that your packages maintain their shape and structure, preventing collapse or deformation.



By minimizing the risk of product damage, edge protectors help reduce the need for costly replacements or returns.



These protectors can be used with various packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes, pallets, or crates, offering flexibility for different applications.



Most of our edge protectors are made from recyclable materials, contributing to sustainable packaging practices and reducing environmental impact.

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What Our Customers Say

Edge Protectors FAQ

Cardboard edge protectors are used to enhance the structural integrity of packages, preventing damage to edges and corners during shipping and handling.

Yes, shipping edge protectors work by reinforcing and protecting cargo edges, reducing the risk of damage during handling and transportation.

Edge protectors are often recyclable, as they are commonly made from cardboard or paperboard materials. Check local recycling guidelines for proper disposal.

Edge protectors are primarily used to prevent damage to cargo and packaging, reinforcing edges, stabilizing loads, and distributing pressure evenly during transportation and handling.

To ensure the durability and effectiveness of cardboard edge protectors over time, store them in a dry, cool, and clean environment. Keep them protected from moisture and direct sunlight, and store them in a flat or upright position to prevent bending or warping. Additionally, store them away from heavy objects to avoid crushing or damaging the edge protectors.

Yes, cardboard edge protectors can be used in conjunction with other packaging materials like stretch film or bubble wrap to provide enhanced protection. Combining these materials can help safeguard the edges and corners of packages, prevent shifting, and provide an extra layer of cushioning during transportation.

Using cardboard edge protectors can lead to potential cost savings by reducing the risk of damage during shipping. The actual savings depend on factors like the type of cargo, the extent of potential damage, and the cost of the goods. However, preventing damage and avoiding replacement or compensation costs can be a significant advantage of using edge protectors.

Cardboard edge protectors are effective for most applications and are generally more eco-friendly than plastic or metal alternatives. They offer good protection and are recyclable, whereas plastic and metal protectors may be more durable but can have environmental drawbacks, such as being less sustainable and recyclable. The choice depends on specific needs and sustainability goals.

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